#Hoolandia New Works 2014 – Hoo Punked – SteamPunk Owls

#Hoolandia Hoo Punked – Steampunk – I think I may have went over the edge sometime in the past few months.  Once I understood Steampunk, I actually fell in love with it.  This owl is a mechanical owl nestled on a turning key mechanism that controls time from beginning to end.  The clocks are interconnected with the beginning one jumbled and the final one in order then it starts all over again.  The clocks have been glazed over so it appears to have a glass cover.  I have had some say they see constellations.  I even have a clock in Hebrew somewhere in all the clocks.  The wheel and cog  look like mother of pearl and the clock backgrounds represent Genesis 1:1 and the final clock, Revelation 22:17-21. What do you see?  Original is for sell prior to reproduction, contact me directly.  This will be a 3-part series.

Hoo Punked - Steam Punked 01 Hoo Punked - Steam Punked Clock 01 Hoo Punked - Steam Punked Clock 02 Hoo Punked - Steam Punked Closeup Owl

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