New Miniature Work – Gift for the Best Boss Ever… who is sadly retiring – Par 1 – New Beginnings, by MiMi Stirn

This painting was custom made for the best boss, mentor, and leader I have had in my professional career.  He is retiring after 20 years with the Florida SBDC… The long story is, I made a glass ornamental necklace several years ago he has been trying to beg, borrow, and/or steal from me.  The colors exactly match the piece of jewelry and this is definitely more manly and he is a golf enthusiast, which I am sure is exactly what he will be doing daily once he sails into the retirement sunset.  So this post is dedicated to Dan Regelski, fearless leader, who doesn’t take crap from anyone, slow to speak, slow to anger, but pretty darn fast at getting the job done, and done right without too many casualties.  Happy Retirement Dan!   I give you a MiMi Stirn Original – Par 1 – New Beginnings,  8″ x 8″,  mixed media and acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

Par 1 - A New Chapter - by MiMi Stirn - Retirement Gift for a dear friend and business boss, Dan.

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