Premier artist MiMi Stirn is raising funds to paint the world in 2-D, 20 paintings, in 10 weeks, for multiple shows.

How You Can Contribute: Click Here… – watch for updates, twice weekly on progress of the upcoming 20 paintings and fundraising.   Contributions as low as $1 but there are perks if you like from the $5 level up.

The Skinny~

Name:  Amanda Stirn a/k/a MiMi Stirn Artist, also known as The Owl Chick
Passion: Painting followed by guitar, piano, cooking, and paddleboarding
Goal:  Raise funds for new tent and 3 art shows, ultimately saving up to open up a different kind of rocking  “ART GALLERY” within the next 3 years.
Art Medium this campaign is supporting – 2D Mixed Media Art

Why A Campaign #1: The 2D Media Art has taken off and I have been selected to show, the Hoolandia owls will go back to show in late 2016.  For now, the art show market is asking for my 2D Art, so I am going with it.  Below are examples of new series up for show.

Why #2:  My tent, a loaner from a fellow artist (I am so sorry Claude and Debbie), along with all of my art walls were destroyed this summer during a huge, hurricane gust wind storm at an art show.  I am now up for 3 shows and need a new tent, and just as important, stock up the now growing popular MiMi’s 2D Mixed Media collection, thus 20 paintings in 10 weeks for 3 shows

This campaign is critical to my success at my upcoming shows. I have been a fine art and musician for most of my life, let’s age me and just say 30+ years. Yup, That’s right, I started piano at 4 and drawing in my teens.   I have graduated to fine art showings recently, which means my display is critical to acceptance, and in some cases will enable me to compete for prize money to grow my art collection.  The long-term goal is to own a gallery to support other emerging artists in a few years, but I have to pay my dues and my roots start at shows, thus this fundraiser.
This is an all or none campaign and all contributions have a perk.

“Every contribution makes a difference, plus the perks are awesome.  I love sharing my passion for the arts with my fans, perks are a way of saying thank you and paying it forward.”

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