About MiMi Stirn

MiMi’s cherished tools are knives. However, she is a resin art master. Both knives and the resin are unforgiving yet clear and finite when used. Working within the acrylic family is enjoyable for her, but working with modeling paste and resin is where the art begins; free form and each application is a form of sculpting. What she loves best about creating art is the freedom of expression without fear of consequence. When Stirn can say, a work has turned out well, is the moment when she can return to the finished piece over the course of several days and repeatedly be transported into the picture itself.

MiMi’s style centers on both working in circular and straight line motions, while respecting Fibonacci sequences in the placement of each element. Other techniques include sgraffito and resin pours. However, bright light, layers of color, and use of metallic pigments are her standard.  What she does differently from what she was taught is dirty brushing. Her brushes & knives during the painting process are usually lapped with new colors without washing. The blends are one of a kind. MiMi’s go-to color on the spectrum is Prussian blue and is usually incorporated in to her skies, water scenes, and shadowing.

MiMi Stirn brings art is pure symbolism and surrealism embodied in 2D mixed media resins.  Influences of Klimt, Dali, and O’Keefe are apparent in both message and stylings.  Works include sculpted modeling paste, hand-mixed acrylics from pigments purchased from a distributor who is part of The Society of Ochers of France, operators of the last remaining Ocher quarry in the Provence region. She proceeds to mix elements, layers of staining, finished with colored and clear coated resins.  With her art career stretching as far back as high school, she studied sculpture and through the years mastered the embodiment of both her love of sculpture and painting into dynamic and unique works of art.

Yohana de le Torre, Chief Editor of Gulf Coast times says, “The result is powerful work composed of subtle shifts in tone and paint handling. Inspiring and organic in form, Stirn’s work puts forth new meaning and focus on a poetic-like scene…the viewer is transported into a dreamlike type of thinking.” Stirn holds her business and arts degree from the University of Phoenix and is a Certified Marketing Strategist with Cornell University. When not in the studio, Stirn is a consultant for the Small Business Development Center at FGCU and is a self-acclaimed master chef.  She enjoys paddle boarding and playing guitar with her husband Michael, and spends ample time playing with Mardi her art dog.

Recent Press:

Cape-based kayak club named host organization for competition

Local artist’s work chosen for event poster

April 14, 2017
By JIM LINETTE (jlinette@breezenewspapers.com) , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Cape Coral is closely connected to the USA Canoe Kayak Sprint National Championships to be contested Aug. 2-5 in Clermont from the organizational side and the artistic side.

South Florida Canoe Kayak Club of Cape Coral selected Clermont as the venue and submitted a winning bid last year to host the 2017 competition. Cape Coral artist Amanda (Mimi) Stirn submitted a winning art piece in a competition to create an official event commemorative poster.

The theme for the art contest chosen by the USA Canoe Kayak organization is “Honoring the Roots of Our Sport.”

Article Photos

“One With Water” by MiMi Stirn was the selected event poster artwork.

“My entry depicts a Native American woman in a canoe with gold interlocking (Olympic style) rings, gold feathers for the native headress and a lot of Southwest Florida color,” said Stirn. “I am a paddle boarder so the art really resonates with me. I was excited and elated that my work was chosen. It is specific to the sport, it is a part of me because of my interest in the sport.”

An artist all of her life, Stirn moved to Cape Coral in 2010 and became involved with Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers, projects in Florida like the Artnado Art Fair in Palm Beach, and is a permanent artist with the Island Conclave Fine Art Gallery on Pine Island.

Her 11-by-14-inch resin artwork titled “One with water, one with nature” for the Sprint Nationals could fetch about $300 through a private outside sale. The posters will be sold at the event and Stirn’s original piece auctioned at the awards banquet to raise funds to support junior athletes traveling to the Olympic Hopes Regatta in Europe in September.

After visiting several venues in Florida, SFCKC Executive Director Melinda Mack and her team chose Waterfront Park’s Lake Minneola in Clermont for the winning bid.

“It is amazing that we get to host this event,” said Mack. “I’ve been a race director in the past, so it’s nothing new. It’s been a year in the planning, starting with social media and a website last August after we were selected to host. It’ll be national exposure for us and for the business sponsors. We are looking for more sponsors.”

Mack said 20 young Cape Coral canoe and kayak athletes will compete in the national event. Four of those juniors also made the Olympic Development team and will compete in the U.S. Team Trials next month in Georgia.

Mack expects 1,500 or more spectators to attend each of the four days of the Sprint Nationals.

“We expect 700 or more athletes competing from all over the U.S., Hawaii and Puerto Rico,” Mack said.

For more information visit: 2017sprintnationals.com or www.sfckc.org.

Gulf Coast Times

Cape Coral artist’s ‘Awaken’ series work to be featured at the von Liebig Art Center in Naples

September 18, 2015
By BRIAN WIERIMA (bwierima@breezenewspapers.com) , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

When Amanda “MiMi” Stirn and her family moved from Spokane, Wash., to the sunny paradise of the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area, it sparked an inspiration inside her in which she was determined to put onto canvas.

With beautiful, deep colored sunsets and sunrises, along with a bountiful of natural scenes and colors, the Florida landscape motivated Stirn to kick her artist talents into high gear, resulting in a liftoff of exposure for her work.

Her latest progressive step is her acceptance into the Naples Art Association at the von Liebig Art Center, “Your Choice 2015 Exhibition”. Stirn will be showcasing her most popular series, Awaken with “Imagine”, a 2-D mixed media acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

Article Photos

Amanda “Mimi” Stirn, owner and artist of MiMi Stirn Artistry, has been accepted into the Naples Art Association at the von Liebig Art Center, “Your Choice 2015 Exhibition.”  Stirn will be showcasing her most popular series, Awaken with “Imagine,” a 2-D mixed media acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

Amanda “Mimi” Stirn, owner and artist of MiMi Stirn Artistry, has been accepted into the Naples Art Association at the von Liebig Art Center, “Your Choice 2015 Exhibition.”  Stirn will be showcasing her most popular series, Awaken with “Imagine,” a 2-D mixed media acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

The Awaken series resulted after developing her talents through trial and error, much like any other artist. She used inspiration from her surroundings to start her artistry career.

“I look at painting as cheaper than therapy,” Stirn laughed. “I always loved painting and I’ve kept up my passion for it, arts and design has always been my escape. When we moved down to Florida, I started doing more of it and I started putting more and more time into it. I did your typical palm tree paintings, but that wasn’t enough for me.”

On her daily morning commute to work, Stirn would see one of the popular burrowing owls which habitat Cape Coral. The animal had such unique features, that Stirn wanted to put her thoughts on the canvas.

“The owls are wonderful, and I saw this owl always sitting on the corner in the morning,” Stirn said. “So I started researching owls and I loved the way they looked. I also wanted to do something abstract and fun, so the owls came into play.”

She basically started painting her owls in an abstract nature as a hobby, but people started noticing the colors and texture of her creations, which then encouraged her to start pursuing showing her art off at fine art shows.

Stirn delved right into her works, working up to 30-35 hours in her studio inside her house, including her regular 40-hour week at her job.

She chose acrylic simply because of some impatient reasons.

“I am an impatient painter, so I don’t usually use oils because it dries too slow,” Stirn said.

The color blue is also a big attraction to Stirn’s eye and after painting several ocean scenes, she moved on.

“Blue is my artist statement,” Stirn said. “I also liked the idea of 2D media. I like the idea of many different layers of color and textures, I want it to be odd. It’s not suppose to be something you’ve seen before.”

The Florida sunrises and sunsets were usually the trigger for one of Stirn’s 2-D media paintings. The vast amount of colors which flow from the skies, is a perfect inspiration for her.

“A lot of my paintings start off when I am driving in my car during a sunset or sunrise,” Stirn said. “I see the peaks of color I want to incorporate them into a painting. I am looking for the lighting and these sunsets and sunrises just flow, it’s like they are poured out of the sky.”

Her Awakening series was aptly named in a literal sense, as well. It happened after a good night’s sleep and she when she awoke, a change had occurred.

“I literally woke up one day and decided I needed to take all the arts I have done and they needed to go into one piece,” Stirn said. “It worked, in fact, it worked out better than I expected.”

The Naples Art Association at the von Liebig Art Center is an important step for Stirn’s name recognition, as she features her painting “Imagine,” which is out of her Awaken series.

The showing and voting for the best among the artists is being held at 585 Park Street, Naples, from Sept. 18 to Oct. 18, from 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

Members and non-members of the Naples Art Association are welcome to attend, as well.

“You have to have been shown in a major known gallery, for people to see it and to be recognized for your work,” said Stirn of the importance of earning an invite to a fine art gallery. “This is an important series for me, it’s one which I am not breaking away from, it’s my pen. It is what you are known for.”

But Stirn’s challenges are just under way. She has taken on the task of completing 20 additional 2-D mixed media art canvases in the course of the next 10 weeks, for her massive art collation showing at the Artnado Fine Art Show in West Palm, Nov. 14-15.

To help finance her quest, she has established an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a replacement art show tent and art walls, which was recently destroyed in a windstorm this summer in Sarasota.

Her Indiegogo campaign and more of Stirn’s story can be found at http://igg.me/at/mimistirn/x/11641331.

But even if her funding efforts don’t work out as planned, Stirn will forge on for her love of art and painting, along with her drive to show her work to art lovers.

“You are fully exposed as an artist, your work is out there for all to see,” Stirn said. “But that’s why you do it, because you love it.”

Stirn’s ultimate goal is to open an art gallery within a three to five year time span. She wants to add in a digital media feature to it, such as live streaming art shows, but also to offer new artists a place to show their art.

“I want a gallery which is rocking and unique,” Stirn added. “It will be one different than a traditional gallery and one for emerging artists and a strong rotation.”

From starting as a hobby artist in Washington, to a more established – but learning – 2-D media painter, Stirn is starting to pick up momentum in exposure for her work.

It’s something many hours of work has produced, along with countless Florida sunrises and sunsets which have worked as inspiration for the aspiring and climbing artist.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Good Morning Mimi,
    Recently my wife and I purchased a painting of yours at Arts for ACT and instantly fell in love with your work. We were wondering if you had a gallery with your works we could see and visit.
    Wishing you Happiest of the New Year,
    Brad and Colbi Congress


    1. River says:

      Hi Brad and Colbi,
      Thank you so much for being the lucky auction winners for ACT. I absolutely love ACT – one of my favorite non-profits in SW Florida. As far as meeting, I would love to talk to you two. I have your number and I will send you my email address too so I can get you on my collector’s list. I am currently at Arts for Act downtown year-round, with a big show at this location opening February 1st. I also open my home and studio to collectors and have for the past 2 years. Last year the Alliance for the Arts hosted the artist’s studio tour and it went so well, I pretty much expanded the concept and invite collectors and friends of collectors stop by and see where the inspiration comes from, how it’s made, and it’s a great experience, with appetizers and adult beverages too. I am planning a spring open house again this year and would love to invite you and Colbi. Happy Sunday and thank you SO MUCH for supporting the arts and ACT. Peace, MiMi.


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